Thoughts on Programming

One of the things I thought about before I decided to specialize in Children’s and Young Adult Services was programming. From my viewpoint as a circulation clerk, it looked like programming was about 75% of what the children’s librarian at my library did. Huge, complicated programs with hundreds of tiny details that all had to fall into place and it was a lot of planning and a lot of stress. I wasn’t so sure I wanted any part of that.

So I hesitated. Did I really have it in me to plan programs? Was it really how I wanted to spend a significant part of my time doing? In the end I decided to go forward with it, but it was still a worry in the back of my mind. So when I started my internship at my local public library this semester, I asked to get as much experience with programming as I could. I needed to make sure I really wanted to do this aspect of the life of a children’s librarian.

Now that I have observed and participated in a whole month’s worth of children’s programs, I can say with enthusiasm that I am convinced. Programming is great! It is not nearly as intimidating as I anticipated, tons of fun, and so rewarding too! I’ve observed a variety of programs, and I’m happy to think that every thing I’ve observed so far, I would be pretty comfortable doing in a future job too. Preschool storytimes, baby programs, first grade tours, storytimes in front of a full auditorium, read to a dog programs – they are all fun and they are all centered around the things I truly am passionate about – developing early literacy and sharing a love of reading with children. I’m so lucky that my internship coordinator is going to be giving me an opportunity to actually present a couple of these programs later on in the semester.