About Me

My name is Allison McLean. Welcome to my blog!

I am the Head of Youth Services at a medium-sized library in Northern Indiana. I am so lucky to have my dream job. Talking with kids about books, singing and playing with babies, getting to know groups of awesome teenagers. Every day I get to do something different and every day it is something I love. I have always been an avid reader and now that books have become part of my job, it’s almost a dangerous obsession. I read widely, and by that I mean just about anything  and everything.

I graduated with my Master’s in Library Science from Indiana University in 2012. I am still in my first professional library job after library school and still learning and gaining confidence every day. I grew up near Boise, Idaho so Indiana still feels like a new adventure sometimes. Before library school, I studied Creative Writing at Boise State University. My second lifelong dream, next to doing what I’m already doing, is to become a published author someday.

This blog features my experiences in youth services and literacy work. I write book reviews, talk about programs I have offered at my library, stories and anecdotes from working with the public, and library related thoughts and ramblings in general. I hope you enjoy reading my posts and find something useful to you. I would love to connect with you further! Please leave comments with links to your own blogs and follow me on twitter and goodreads.

My twitter handle is @allerkins and here is a link to my goodreads profile . Thanks for reading!


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