Movie Scavenger Hunt

I love scavenger hunts and teens always seem to enjoy them too.  In fact, during a recent Boys & Girls Club visit to the library I gave the Middle School kids a scavenger hunt and as the group was leaving, I overheard one of the boys (who had been acting too cool for school) say to his friends, “That was actually pretty fun.” I consider that high praise from a teenage boy!

But I have done a lot of scavenger hunts in the library, my friend. And they were starting to get a little stale. So when I started planning my April programs I wanted to try something a little different. And that is how I came up with Movie Scavenger Hunt! Really, my thought process when I came up with the idea was, “I need a draw to get teens to come to a scavenger hunt program. What do teens like? They like movies! I will do – A Movie Scavenger Hunt!” And I had no idea what that was but I had a few months to figure it out, so I went with it.

It turned out to be pretty cool! Here’s what we did. I selected several movies from a variety of genres that I like and hopefully teens liked too. I played clips from the movies and each movie clip helped solve a clue to find the next book in the library, which would have another clue and we would watch another movie clip and so on. For example, I showed the following clip from Toy Story 2 and the clue they were given was, “The aliens might need help writing what kind of note to Mr. Potato?”

And of course, the answer is “A Thank You Note,” which lead them to find a guide to writing thank you notes in our stacks. Preparing this scavenger hunt was lots of fun and also made me feel rather clever! Plus I loved revisiting some of my favorite scenes in some really great movies.

Read below for the rest of the scavenger hunt:

The Princess Bride: “If Fezzik runs out of rhymes, he might need this book to help.”

(Answer: A Rhyme Dictionary!)
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: “What creatures should Harry prepare to meet in the next task?”

(Answer: A book about Mermaids)
Robin Hood (Disney version): “”Eww! They’re ______! If Skippy wants to know more about what he and Maid Marion did together, he could read this book.”

(Answer: A book about kissing)
The Lego Movie: “Find a biography of the latest actor to be able to say the iconic line, ‘I am Batman’.”

(Answer: A Ben Affleck biography)
The Wizard of Oz: “Oz is clearly very different from Dorothy’s home state. Find a book about the state east of where Dorothy is from.”

(Answer: a book about Missouri)
Guardians of the Galaxy: “Find a young adult novel about a girl with the same type of leg as ‘that guy’s leg’.”

(Answer: The Running Dream by Van Draanen)


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