Angry Birds

Angry Birds game

My Teen Tech Week turned out to be not very techie. Also, who’s crazy idea was it to plan PLA during Teen Tech Week anyway? But hey, Angry Birds is a tablet/smartphone game so there is some kind of technology connection, right?

Mostly I just thought a Life Size version of Angry Birds would be really, really fun! And I Ball and Balloonswas right! I spent all of $5.00 on this program for the two balls and some paper plates for the craft. All the other supplies we had on hand. It took a little prep work decorating the boxes and everything, but it was certainly doable.

I got most of my ideas from the awesome Teen Librarian’s Toolbox. I altered things a bit to make them easier. I painted several boxes to make them look like pieces of wood, then covered smaller boxes like shoe boxes or tissue boxes with grey or white construction paper to look like ice and stone. The green pigs were just balloons with Sharpie faces drawn on and the angry birds were blue and red playground balls I found at Walmart (and they were both the right size! Perfect!)

Teens (and a few younger kids who were too excited, I couldn’t bear to turn them away) took turns launching the birds with a towel held between two people. If you’ve ever played water volleyball, you know what I mean. It took a lot of coordination and teamwork to do it this way. The teams started out farther back and advanced closer to the set up to see if they could knock the pigs down. Popping one of the pig balloons got you extra points!

CraftThe craft was simple and easy but kept the kids engaged while they waited for their turns. We had some young engineers who got really into rebuilding the game in more and more challenging ways. I will definitely do this program again, in fact we’re already thinking about incorporating it into our Summer Reading kickoff, especially since the younger kids were even more into it than the teens!


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