Teddy Bears Lapsit

I did this Teddy Bear Lapsit twice in December. The first time at Main I was able to pull in several families that were in the library looking at books. The second time was at one of our branches and we had a four month old. It has been a while since I had a tot that young at Lapsit, so we adjusted accordingly.

Opening Song: “Hello Everybody”

I love to see the responses the little ones have to hearing their name sung. They perk up and pay attention right away. It is adorable. 

Bubbles and Music – “Teddy Bear Song” by Raffi 

A grandma once commented we should do bubbles at the end because babies hate to put them away. But for now I’m keeping them at the beginning because it is a great way to welcome families into the room and get babies and caregivers to interact, especially those that may feel a little uncomfortable about being in a new situation.

Fingerplay: Open Them, Shut Them 

Read: Baby Bear, Baby Bear by Bill Martin

My library is across the street from the courthouse so we often get parents in the Children’s Room who are trying to keep their kiddos entertained while the other parent or relative is in court. I think this is great because we have a whole audience of people who would not normally come into the library and we get to show them how great it is and hopefully they come back! When a parent said to a child during this program, “Look at the book. She’s reading it to you. It’s like TV.” I knew my reading this book was likely one of this child’s first exposures to books and I was so glad she was there. 

Sing: Skinamirink

I love singing this song with kids of all ages. It always gets a smile. And a great early literacy tie-in with how singing helps children learn by playing with sounds and made-up words. 

Literacy Tip: Talk

Rhyme: Teddy Bear Teddy Bear (action rhyme)

We skipped this one when my audience was babes in arms. But I have to say I love Annie Kubler’s board books with rhymes and fingerplays for toddlers. 

Read: Where’s My Teddy? by Jez Alborough

This is a little long for such a young audience, but so rewarding at the end. I skipped ahead a bit because attention was waning. 

Rhyme: Here We Go Up, Up, Up

Here we go up-up-up (lift baby up)

Here we go down-down-down (lower baby)

And here we go back-and-forth

and back-and-forth (rock baby)

And here we go around and

around and around (turn around)

Music and Movement: Dancing with Rainbow Ribbons 

My co-worker made these fantastic rainbow ribbons with colored ribbons and some large rings just the right size for a child’s hand. 

Closing Song:Wave Goodbye

Activity: Color Mixing Bags! 

I mixed primary colors in gallon-size ziploc bags and taped them up to our glass wall in the storytime room. They are young for a discussion of color mixing but not too young to have a grand old time playing with colors and the squishy texture of the paint in the bag. And huge plus, no mess afterwards. 


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