Cosplay Accessories

I have a monthly teen Manga Club. It’s still pretty new. I did a couple programs in the Spring to test the waters and since September we have been doing it every month. So October was really only our second meeting, but I’m really starting to get into a good structure for the club.

Last month I read Mike Buono’s post on the YALSA Blog about rethinking programing and one idea really stuck with me. He says that teens really just want a place to get together and talk and hang out, and maybe something cool to do too. He recommends that you plan 3 things and let the rest of the program take its course. Just planning 3 things helps my tenancy to want to over-structure everything and plan out every last minute.

So for October’s manga club, my three things were 1) watch anime, 2) make animal cosplay headbands, and 3) make duct tape swords. Okay, and I guess there was also a number 4) eat pocky (of course!).

Below are some pictures of the teen’s fantastic creations!


I’m really excited for November and December’s Manga Club meetings! I had two volunteers from the community who have studied Japanese culture reach out to me about coming to our programs. I think their knowledge and enthusiasm is going to really get the teens excited, especially since I personally do not read manga for fun and know next to nothing about it.


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