The Things Kids Say

funny kids

Once I was visiting all the local elementary schools to promote the library’s Summer Reading Program. The 2013 theme was Dig into Reading. Think gardening, caves, underground animals, etc.  I told the story “The Enormous Carrot” and got a lot of great audience participation.

Then, as my intro to the hilarious book Diary of a Worm, I asked the kids the question, “What lives underground?” or in some classrooms, “What can you find underground?” Most answers were pretty typical. “Snakes!” “Moles” “Worms!” Some kids said things like “Gold!” “Pirate Treasure” or “Oil!” (smart kid).

In one classroom, I had all the typical answers and we were ready to move on. I started reading the story but soon noticed a little hand was raised.

“Do you have a question?” I asked the boy.

“No, I know something else that lives underground.”

“Oh really? What is it?”

“Satan! Satan lives underground!”

This was such a shock to me it was difficult not to burst out laughing. I exchanged a look with the teacher and mumbled something like, “Yeah, some people think he does” and quickly moved on.

But now every time I think of this story a huge smile comes to my face. I just loved how this boy was so excited to share with everyone in his class that Satan lives underground.


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