Things I Learned at Halloween Storytime

We had a great Halloween storytime at my residence hall last night. I believe over 15 kids showed up, and most of them were all dressed up in their Halloween costumes! It was so so fun for our little library to be packed with 30 plus people at once! I’d have to say it was the best storytime I’ve given so far. I can tell I get better with each one I do. I thought I’d share a few things I learned during the story last night.

1. There is a reason librarians use songs, rhymes, fingerplays between stories! They work like charms at getting the children’s attention and refocusing them. They are so ready for the next story afterwards. It really makes a world of difference. And “Open Them, Shut Them” is amazing for starting your program. It turns a loud, chaotic room into a room of kids ready to listen. Which is exactly what you want.

2. Kids react differently to stories at different ages. When I read Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberly to the 2 year olds from the day care earlier this week, the room was silent as they anticipated what would happen on each page. Totally different story with some of the older school-age kids at the storytime last night. There were two boys sitting right in front who thought the whole book was hilarious  and laughed through the whole thing. I wasn’t really expecting that, but it did feel good to be able to make kids laugh and it was a lot of fun!

3. You can pull a Halloween costume together out of anything. Seriously, anything. I realized as I was driving over that I should have planned a Halloween costume for the storytime, or a witch hat or something! No fun if all the kids show up in costumes and I don’t have anything. So I scrounged in our closet when I got there and came up with some Halloween garland and a few awesome bat and spider decals. Perfect. I tied the garland around my waist and stuck the bats and spiders to myself with tape. It was silly and fun and the kids loved it.

I had such a great time sharing Halloween stories with the kids last night! It made me feel like a real legit librarian to have such a large group and to be able to keep their attention for a full 30-40 minutes! I am so going into the right field. I have so much fun doing things like this!


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